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and so it ends…

ProjectOKC was founded July 23, 2008 in the dumpy back room of Sauced in the Paseo. What started as a way to volunteer as family grew into something really fun and unique in Oklahoma City. Soon, our weekly meetings were ten strong and we plotted and planned great events that would love and serve everyone from kids to seniors. As the months passed our numbers increased, so much so that we needed some way to track who was going where and when… (the website) was born.

Fast-forward to April 7, 2011. We’ve held nearly 200 volunteer events, plugged over 400 people into acts of service, built up a mailing list and social media following of several thousand people. It’s been fun! BUT…

It’s time to call ProjectOKC quits. You see, ProjectOKC works great as a small group of people volunteering together, eating dinner together, holding each other accountable for missed events or not pulling your weight. As a pretty large group of people though, it just doesn’t do the trick. Many in the group say right off the bat that they’ll volunteer 2+ times per month (it’s a question on the admission form). In reality, a hand full do all the work. Sadly, a lot of the times, I’m the hand full and I’m tired.

Let me explain it like this: You suggest an idea, I put in the legwork to make the idea happen, you never show up to volunteer because it isn’t convenient to you. Understood, but it’s really never convenient. There have been countless hours planning events, filling event slots, committing the volunteers to the other organizations we work with, only to have more than half of the group not show after they’d already RSVP’d. This put strain on me because we’d COMMITTED and now it puts strain on the non-profit we were helping because they were counting on us.

There are too many people who are ProjectOKC volunteers in name and not action, I’m not interested in being a cool organization in OKC, I’m interested in results. I’ve come to the conclusion that ProjectOKC keeps me from  accomplishing the GOOD we need to see happen in our city. It’s time to grow small. It’s time to tackle issues I’m passionate about and not waste time dealing with the administrative mess that ProjectOKC can be.

For all of you who volunteered through ProjectOKC, THANK YOU! This has been a fun ride, a learning experience, given me a leadership platform in our city, and has connected me with really amazing people. The GOOD isn’t stopping, just gonna cut some strings that have been back holding some pretty cool stuff.


Am I not going to DO GOOD anymore? Don’t be ridiculous, now I’ll be able to put time towards projects I have a lot of energy for, specifically, The Mentoring Project, OKC Beautiful, Grace Living Center, The Tapestry Project, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, and Frontline Church.

What about projects already on the calendar? Keep your commitments, we’re going to finish out the month of April strong!

How much longer will the website be up? May 1, 2011 will be taken down and all names will be purged from the website’s database.

Am I mad? No, I’m not… Emotional is probably a better word. I think this concept is pretty cool there just isn’t any accountability once the group grows bigger than your circle of friends and family.

Is the name ProjectOKC for sale? Hmmm, how much we talking about… Nah, just kidding, it’s not. I’ll keep the domain so no one buys it up and directs it to websites that post pictures of people’s naughty bits though.

I hope you find great organizations to give your time a resources to, I know I’ve found quite a few. Now get out there and love on someone!

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Weekly Newsletter Redux

February 21, 2011
LOVE our volunteers!
I can’t say enough how awesome I think you all are. Thanks for the time you give, the awareness you bring, and the love you pass on. I’ve been excited to see new faces jumping into the mix, I’ve also been really excited to see some pretty cool updates pushed out to the website. If you haven’t been to the newly renovated, you’re missing out!

The success of this ‘lil group depends on YOU
Remember, ProjectOKC is more than just a list of events, it’s a social network for GOOD. You have a unique opportunity to connect with others who want to improve our community. We’re on Twitter and onFacebook too. If you’d like to follow the blog it’s at

Running with your ideas

any of you joined ProjectOKC because you have GREAT ideas. I want to see them happen, that was why we started this little experiment in the first place. A newly updated website brings an easy way to create volunteer opportunities for the entire group. Head on over to and suggest away. It’s at the top of the page, just fill in that open field.

Upcoming events
2/21 GOOD Writing…
2/26 Block Party Clean Up2/28 Momentum Art Show: Set up (first shift)2/29 Momentum Art Show: Set up (second shift)3/02 Serving The City Rescue Mission

Working Together,
Rex Barrett • ProjectOKC • • 405.463.4648 • @projectokc

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Please Participate!

Hey gang, writing a bit of a more personally than I normally do here. I’ll keep it brief so please take the time to read this email.

ProjectOKC began in July of 2008. Since then we’ve sent thousands of volunteers around this city, THANK YOU for being a part of that. I’m noticing a trend though, it’s people jumping in VERY excited to volunteer with ProjectOKC and then when it comes down to it, not participating OR not showing up to an event you RSVP’d yes for.

You know that we don’t ask you for money, we’re looking for something much more valuable, your time. PLEASE consider building time into your hectic schedules to volunteer. We’ve curated so many fun events and honestly, we need all of you to help fill the slots.

Again, please consider volunteering a few times a month. Really, it helps our city!

The PEEPS event (art with Edgemere kids) needs people:

Weekly volunteering to feed at The City Rescue needs people:

The Momentum art show needs volunteers for first shift:
AND a second shift:

Remember, YOU also have the ability to suggest, plan, and mobilize people to help with volunteer events you want to be a part of!

Basically, I’m asking for you to renew your commitment to love and serve OKC with ProjectOKC.

Much love friends, this isn’t possible without YOU!
Rex B. @ projectokc

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Grace Living Center: In Need


The nursing home we often work with has recently lost the support of a larger national non-profit because of funding. This nursing home has relied on yearly gifts and will not be getting them this holiday season. We need your help in providing them with:

  • shampoo/conditioners
  • lotions
  • powders
  • deodorants
  • body sprays
  • cologne
  • mouthwash
  • pull ups (large)
  • fanny pacs
  • purses
  • hats/gloves/scarfs
  • ball caps
  • posters of animals (to hang on the wall)
  • coffee cups with lids
  • note books/pens/pencils
  • back packs (for wheelchair)
  • snacks
  • costume jewelry
  • chapsticks
  • lip sticks
  • hair barretts/pins
  • fuzzy art posters(found at walmart or hobby lobby)
  • socks (basic white-large)
  • large t-shirts
  • women’s large panties 

Please bring these items to 718 N. Broadway (Frontline) before Dec. 19th so that we can help this amazing group of people. Our office hours are 9-5 M-Th.

Thanks so much!

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Volunteers Needed for Biennale Exhibits

Between November 14 and January 8, 2011, more than 1,500 hours of volunteer time will be needed to greet and guide the public through the 2010 Creativity World Biennale exhibits. You can read about this effort here: 

Shifts to staff the three Biennale galleries along Automobile Alley are now being scheduled. No training or experience is necessary; a congenial attitude and casual attire will meet the needs. [Artspace] at Untitled staff will admit volunteers to the sites at opening and relieve volunteers at the end of the day to lock up. Volunteers will report a tally of exhibit visitors at the end of their shift.

The venues will include: TAP Architecture at 415 Broadway with a display from Denmark; Mel’s Towing, 25 NW 9th will feature works from Germany and Scotland; 1101 Broadway will display art from Rio de Janerio and Flanders. 

Guidelines and support materials will be posted at each of the sites. Teams of two will serve on each shift. Because two of these sites have minimal amenities, one team member must have a cell phone for information and security reasons. 

You may volunteer in pairs or be paired with other single volunteers. Junior volunteers are welcome when paired with adult partners. 

From Thursday, November 18, until Saturday, January 8, these venues will follow [Artspace] at Untited’s hours of operation: Tuesday through Friday 10 AM- 5 PM, Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM; Closed Sunday and Monday.  
Weekdays are divided into two 3.5-hour shifts (10 AM-1:30 PM and 1:30 PM-5 PM) and Saturdays into two 3-hour shifts (10 AM-1PM and 1PM-4PM).
The Biennale exhibits will be closed for Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Eve, Christmas and the following day; New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Please respond to this email offering the following information and indicating your preferred slots.
Preferred E-mail Address:
Cell Phone:
Mailing Address: 

OPTIONAL Partner information: 
E-mail Address:
Cell Phone:
Mailing Address:

Preferred time and date slots (feel free to sign up for several): 

FYI: A spreadsheet of filled slots will be posted at 
For your security, published schedules will only reflect that slots have been filled (not your names or information).

The goal is to schedule these slots via e-mail if possible. RSVP to Keeping in mind I am working as a volunteer too, as needed, please phone me at [Artspace]  at Untitled during regular gallery hours.
Gary Heerwald

[Artspace] at Untitled
1 NE 3rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
T:  405.815.9995
F:  405.813.2070
Tues-Friday: 10-6, Sat: 10-4 / Closed: Sunday- Monday 

Encouraging CREATIVE THOUGHT and NEW IDEAS through contemporary art.

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Volunteers Desperately Needed

Hey gang, I’ll keep this brief… ProjectOKC pledged 30 volunteers (15 per evening) to the OKC Zoo for their annual children’s event called Haunt the Zoo for tonight and tomorrow. At one time we had both nights covered and now we’ve had SO MANY PEOPLE DROP. This leaves us in a HUGE lurch and leaves the zoo uncovered for the spots that we had originally filled.

If you can volunteer tonight and/or tomorrow night PLEASE sign up. We’ve never dropped this many volunteers before and I’m super shocked we’ve had so many say they can’t show at the last minute like this.

Please, help out if you can. It’ll be fun! Here are the specifics…

RSVP for Thursday:
RSVP for Friday:

Your group, Project OKC, is scheduled to work in the following position(s):

Thursday, October 28/Scarecrow booth (5 people) 

Thursday, October 28/Jaws booth (5 people) 

Thursday, October 28/Jungle booth (5 people)

Friday, October 29/Jungle booth (5 people) 

Friday, October 29/Jaws booth (5 people) 

Friday, October 29/Ghost booth (5 people) 

Please plan to arrive at the Zoo’s Education Center (located at the east end of the Zoo’s main parking lot) between 5:00-5:15 p.m. so you will have plenty of time to eat and get in place before the gates open at 6:30 PM. Shifts are over at approximately 9:00 p.m. Remember, for safety reasons, we ask that no children accompany volunteers. 

Volunteer Tips: 

· Haunt the Zoo will go on RAIN or SHINE, so dress for the weather!   

· All volunteers must check in and out through the Education Center. 

· If you are volunteering at a themed booth please arrive in costume, as there is limited space for changing. No scary costumes please. 

· The Zoo provides all of the treats being handed out and takes care of stocking the booths each night. 

· If you are wearing one of the mascot costumes, dress in cool, lightweight clothing and tennis shoes and socks. 

· And, the most important thing… have a good time! 

 If you are unable to work as scheduled or have any questions, please contact me at (405) 425-0292 or  as soon as possible so we can fill your shift. 

Thanks again for your help!